The Perfect Disaster Plaster Fundraising Campaign.
Last month I was invited to share our Disaster Plaster concept with a primary school fundraising team. At the conclusion of my presentation the chairperson said that they were keen to go ahead with a campaign and asked, “If we were to run the perfect campaign, what would it look like?” I replied as well as I could at the time, but kept thinking what a brilliant question it was.

After discussion with the School Aid team these are our best thoughts: Our intention was always to provide a product to schools that would be simply guaranteed to work. By providing a quality product to sell that families buy regularly. At a better price than they could buy in the supermarket. With every step tested and systemised so that a Disaster Plaster campaign was one of the easiest and most profitable activities in the annual school fundraising ecosystem.

But… we all agree the magic ingredients are:
1. A great goal

2. The active support of everyone in the school.
A great fundraising team to manage the two week campaign and encourage the students by having clearly defined times for the best sellers to top up their plasters.
School management and teachers (and parents) working with the fundraising committee to maintain the momentum in the school.
Principals and teachers who work with the committee to remind students of the prizes and the need to return unsold plasters on the day specified.
Teachers willing to take a fun filled 5 minutes to award the three class prizes.
This is critical because it saves the committee so much time when everyone gets everything back on time.
Students have come up with all sorts of creative ways to sell but the key is simply to ask.
If you ask 20 people to buy a pack of plasters you will sell your carry pack of 15 boxes. We have tested this over and over.

We do what we can do well – and you do what you can do – and the result is outstanding in every school.