How would RAISING up to 50% MORE on your fundraising efforts help your group?

The art of communicating clearly the ‘Why’ and ‘What’ of your fundraising campaign is a key that hundreds of effective fundraisers/businesses are using. Don’t be trapped by over- communicating the mechanics – the ‘What’ of your fundraiser: How much you need to raise? What’s the cost? Spending? etc. While these are important, what people really want to know is the ‘Why?’

People relate to people, not numbers. A simple story of how your fundraiser will help “Johnny” improve his grades at school, help “Mary” and “Mark” get breakfast/lunch so they are school ready, is something everyone can connect with and is within their reach to help.

Three keys to effectively tell your fundraising story:
MAKE IT RELATABLE: Use names and local examples
MAKE IT CLEAR: Identify what the issue is, what your fundraising will help and who it will help
APPLAUD THE HEROES: We all love the ‘feel good’ of helping, ensure your story makes the fundraising participants the heroes!

Keep in front of your audience with continued thanks, updates and measured progress. And keep the stories coming to re-enforce the ‘Why:’ who they are raising the money for and how the money is going to change lives for the better.

Giving makes us feel good and thanking people for their involvement builds great momentum, school culture and ongoing support.

This simple approach can increase funds raised, whether it’s Disaster Plasters ($2 million raised so far), Reusable bags (30,000 sold) or any other product. Keep telling your why and good luck for your upcoming fundraiser.